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Dgcustomerfirst gives you a golden opportunity to win a $100 gift card just by participating in an online survey. The sole condition of this survey is that you must have shopped from Dollar General Stores recently. Dgcustomerfirst has launched this survey to get valuable feedback from its valuable customers and modify its services accordingly.

Dgcustomerfirst has always been firm on the fact that nothing matters more than a customer’s satisfaction. This survey hardly takes any time. Thus, by just investing a few minutes you are liable to win $100 which is quite a fair deal, isn’t it?

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About DGCustomerFirst

Dollar General Corporation is one of the most popular American based variety stores. Its headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. It was the year 1939 that marked the beginning of this giant in America. James Luther and Cal Turner established this company.


Dollar General Corporation has been recognized by Fortune 500. Michael M. Calbert and Todd Vasos serve as the president and the CEO of the company respectively. The Year 2017 witnessed Dollar General as the most profitable stores in the United States adding one more feather to its achievement.

Dollar General Stores

Some of the products served by this firm include clothing, toys, products for interior decoration, a vast variety of beauty products, pet products, and many more. Estimated revenue of this giant goes to $20.349 billion. It all started with an investment of $5000 each from two partners and today this firm is at its peak. Dollar General today has more than 15000 stores in 44 states.

DGCustomerFirst.com Overview

It is a golden opportunity for all the United States residents to win a $100 gift card just by taking part in this small dgcustomerfirst survey. This survey is introduced purely to amend services and enhance the satisfaction of customers. Also, this survey comes with minimal sets of eligibility criteria which makes it easy for the United States residents to participate.

Dgcustomer Survey-Participation Criteria

Below is a list of some basic requirements that you need to fulfill to participate and win $100 in this survey. Just have a look at it once:

DG Customer First
  • Any resident of 50 states of the US and the Colombian region is eligible to participate in this survey.
  • You must be an adult ( Age should be greater than or equal to 18).
  • At least one purchase should have been made from Dollar General Stores to participate in this survey.
  • Kindly submit proof of purchase whenever required.
  • Dollar General employees and their family members are not allowed to participate in this survey.
  • Submit valid contact information, so that it becomes easy to reach you out.
  • If you have not yet made purchased from Dollar General Store but intend to do so, you can participate in this survey by entering sweepstakes via mail-in.

Sweepstakes: They are available weekly and the participants can enter only once a week if he/she wants to be eligible for one of 10 $100 gift cards given every week.

Dgcustomer first participation steps:

You need to follow some simple steps to participate in this survey. Follow these steps and complete your survey easily.

  1. Open your favorite web browser and visit www.dgcustomerfirst.com.
  2. If you have purchased from Dollar General Store then check the receipt of your purchase, you will find survey code on it.

    DgCustomerFirst Survey

  3. You will have to answer some basic questions like time and date of receipt and 15 digit survey code before starting the survey.
  4. After entering these details, click Start.
  5. You will see a list of questions aster the above step. Answer them sincerely, as it is a sincere attempt of Dgcustomerfirst to improve its services.
DGCustomerFirst Survey

Rewards for participating in Dgcustomerfirst survey:

  1. The officials will randomly select 10 winners out of all the entries during the entry period. Each winner will receive a massive reward of $100. And for sweepstakes, 400 prizes of $100 will be allotted, 10 per each period. Winners may also be provided a coupon code which can be used in their next visit to Dollar General Stores.
  2. The lucky winners will be notified via call or an email. Winners need to submit his street address within 3 days of receiving a call or an email.
  3. Declaration of the winners will take 6-8 weeks.


Participating in this survey is the easiest way to rate Dgcustomer’s services and suggest any improvements regarding the same. Also, investment of the few minutes on this survey can make you win the massive rewards of $100 gift cards along with a coupon code that can be used at Dollar General Store.

If you have any queries regarding this survey, you can reach us anytime. We are keen to help you out. Peace!

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  1. I wish you would offer Cherry Fanta soda.You have strawberry but not cherry.Aisles are mostly filled with stock that needs put up. Its not pleasant to have aisles blocked.

  2. Was at the store in clare mi today. Set up to use digital coupons. The cashier helped me (thanks to her)
    But now looking at my receipt I see my digital coupons never came off. It should have been $4

  3. I need assistance looking for the baking soda the floor stocker was very helpful when I asked. The young man showed me exactly where it was. It was high on the shelf that’s why I didn’t see it.

  4. I just wanted to say that I visited the glide dollar General the cashier who help me made me feel very welcome she greeted me with a friendly smile while maintaining eye contact she was prompt with answering any questions or concerns that I might had that cashiers name is Tammy I thought she showed excellent customer service skills so I thought to myself that there should be more people like her my experience at Dollar General very welcoming and friendly just wanted to give that cashier some recognition and say thank you for making my experience at Dollar General a good one

  5. The store#11446 in Ridge Spring Moneta SC was very very clean and the manager was super nice although I live inEdgefield I’d have to say that Ridge Spring was probably the cleanest I’ve been in in a long time! Cudos to the manager!!!

  6. The Dollar General Store #20747 @ 4845 Madisonville rd.,Hopkinsville,Ky,Bridget,is the BEST person the dollar store has ever had. She is ALWAYS stocking the shelves always cleaning,always friendly. When she’s at a dgstore it is absolutely perfect. You won’t find a friendlier,nicer,hard working person than Bridget. The best thing that has happened to the dollar store hands down. Thank you.

  7. I enjoy shopping at your stores. Majority of your staff are very customer-friendly. I enjoy the changes that you are making and in the products that you are introducing to the store please keep up the good job.

  8. Yeah this JoJo Williams and the crossroads store is awesome Russian the guy makes you want to stop everyday by the store to see was the deals of the week

  9. I have a great customer service compliment for all customers to learn from…For YEARS I have been buying ALL my greeting cards at Walgreens ranging from 5 to 7 dollars a card and one day when I was in Dollar General ,the sweetest,kindest employee named Jackie told me Dollar Generals cards were 2 for 1 dollar…Long story short…I will never buy any cards at Walgreens again and just LOVE the beautiful cards for every occasion at Dollar General…Thank you Jackie for saving me tons of money…I AM GRATEFUL….I am a Family General fan forever….

  10. the customer service was great today they had 2 registers down and had to re-ring my order after the check machine shut down and the manager gave me an extra $5 off because of all the hassle they handled the problem extremely well

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  12. went to the dg on fee fee the other night at about 5pm and it was closed up tight no cars no people went to that same store the day before and it was dirty and u could not walk because there was trash and freight all over everywhere so I went down to the Midland store found out down there that they got a new store manager AGAIN I heard some people complaining about that store also what is going on with these stores I go to Midland and deal with a little lady called Lisa she is very nice and informative somebody said she was suppose to get that store but they gave it to a MAN who has been with the company only 3 months at lease LISA made them do some work instead of being on their cell phones and just standing around guess higher up doesn’t want a mgr with a backbone they just want a pushover like the other mgr was (I think her name was Kari) she let everybody do what they wanted also I also went to use the bathroom and one of the stalls was out of order looked in and it was plugged up and the smell was throughtout the store Lisa the asst mgr cares about the store she is very customer oriented nlike other mgrs. Ive seen they let other employees play on ther cell phones while I was waiting to check out she didn’t care cell phone call was more important I like shopping there but u keep changing people I like dealing with the same people who care about me and my needs. one more thing there has to be a better way of stocking the store without carts and freight all over the floor its hard to get thru. I WORKED IN RETAL FOR OVER 25 years AND WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DO THIS. if u want people to think these r junk stores then keep going this way and u will lose customers. they will go ssomeplace else.


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